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favicon Frequently Asked Questions


Help! I can't login!

If you are trying to log into and are not able to, first be sure that you have already signed up for your free membership. Please double check the username and password that you are using. Also, watch for extra spaces and be aware that the password is case SenSiTiVe. If you are unsuccessful in logging into your account please submit a help ticket at our Help Desk. We will be glad to help you.

Help! I forgot my password!

No problem. Just go to and enter your email address. Your password will be emailed to you! If you are unable to reset your password please submit a help ticket at our Help Desk.

How Much Does The Gold Membership Cost?

You are welcome to stay a Bronze (free) member of Makeiniteasy for as long as you want. When you decide to upgrade to Gold, just click on the "Account Upgrade" tab to take advantage of the 7 Day/$1 Trial Offer. After the trial period is over, the fee for the Makeiniteasy Gold Membership is only $37.00 per month.

Is There An Affiliate Program For Makeiniteasy?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program for the Makeiniteasy Gold membership. Just click on the "Affiliates" tab to get your unique affiliate link. There's also various promotional material in there and we'll be adding more shortly.

All you have to do is give away free memberships to Makeiniteasy PLR using your unique affiliate link. When your referrals upgrade to the Gold level Makeiniteasy  membership, you will receive a recurring commission payment each month. Free members earn a 25% ($11.75) commission every month for each referral that upgrades to Gold ... Gold members earn a 40% commission ($18.80) every month Plus Free Gold Membership! You will receive your commission payment by Paypal on the 15th of every month, so be sure to add your Paypal address to your account profile.

There is absolutely no charge to join our Affiliate Program. We provide you with all of the promotional tools you need as an affiliate. We handle the order, product delivery, and billing. Our affiliate software automatically tracks your orders, and you always have complete access to your accounts statistics so that you know how effective your marketing is.

Alternate Payment Methods For Makeiniteasy Gold?

From time to time I receive emails from members who ask about alternate payment methods for the Makeiniteasy Gold membership. We accept Paypal,  Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, checks, money orders, Western Union, and MoneyBookers.

Other than the monthly subscription, we also offer two alternate payment plans for Makeiniteasy Gold:
1) The Annual Membership fee for Makeiniteasy Gold is only $. You save $40 compared to the monthly subscription rate!
2) The Lifetime Membership fee for Makeiniteasy Gold is only $. You save quite a bit of money!

To take advantage of these alternate payments plans, just send us a Help Desk ticket letting us know which plan and payment method you would like to use.

Your Makeiniteasy Gold Account Has Been Canceled ...

Be aware that making financial changes to your PayPal account such as updating your credit card or banking information will cause Paypal to cancel ALL of your monthly membership subscriptions ... including your subscription for your Makeiniteasy Gold membership.

Also, if your credit card on file with Paypal expires then PayPal will cancel all of your subscriptions. This is a very strange feature of Paypal that I have no control over ... nor can I reinstate your Paypal subscription for you. To reinstate your Makeiniteasy Gold subscription with Paypal, just log into your Makeiniteasy free membership and click on the upgrade tab for the $1 trial offer:

Here's an important tip that I've learned about Paypal: If you have to replace a credit card on Paypal, first add your new card and then make sure that you change all of your subscriptions over to the new card before you delete the old card. That way your subscriptions won't be canceled.

How do I contact Makeiniteasy?

I am always available for your questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions. I do have one request though: If you having problems or have questions about a product that you have purchased, please include the following information in your ticket: your full name, your login username, your email address, the product name, computer type (MAC/PC), the operating system on your computer (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, ... etc), and a detailed description of what the problem is. There are several methods of contact:

If you would like to send me an email, my email address is williamangus (at) Don't forget to replace (at) with @.

Help Desk:
The Makeiniteasy help desk is located at Due to the fact that email has become increasingly unreliable I strongly recommend that you submit a support ticket at my help desk. I will reply to your ticket as quickly as possible, and all tickets are answered in the order they are received.

Send a private message through Facebook:

Send a private message through the Makeiniteasy forum:

Postal Service (USPS):
If you wish to send me a letter, my mailing address is:
attn. William Angus
56 Marion County 8059
Yellville, Arkansas, 72687
United States of America

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, simply login to your Paypal account, and ...

Click on the "My Account" tab. Click on the "History" tab.
Select the "Subscriptions" field from the drop-down menu.
Check the "From" box and input the date to your approximate subscription year.
Click "Search".
Click on "Details" to view the details of your subscription
Click "Cancel Subscription".
On the confirmation page click on "Cancel Subscription".

Or, if you would prefer for us to cancel it for you, simply go to our Help Desk and submit a ticket requesting that your account be canceled. In your help desk ticket, be sure to include ...

Your Makeiniteasy username.
The email address that you used to register with.
Your transaction number or receipt number.

Normally we will have your account closed within 24 hours after you submit the help desk ticket.

Can you explain to me what the different resell rights terms mean?

When you buy a digital product (whether it be an Ebook, MP3 audio file, video, or software script) you will receive a product license with that product. That license will give you Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), Resale Rights (RR), or Personal Use Only Rights.

Products that come with Private Label Rights are products that may be re-sold to others and you keep 100% of the profits. You are allowed to alter the product however you see fit. You also may claim that you are the author, but you can't claim the copyright to the product. Depending on the terms of the license, you may or may not pass on the PLR to the purchaser.

Products that come with Master Resell Rights may be re-sold to others and you keep 100% of the profits. You may also pass along Resell Rights to those products to others if you choose to do so.

Products that come with Resell Rights may be re-sold to others and you keep 100% of the profits. However, you may NOT pass along Resell Rights to those products to others.

Products that come with Personal Use Only Rights may NOT be re-sold to others nor may you pass along Rights to those products to others. As the name suggests though, you are allowed to use the product.

Help! When I click on a product download link I get sent back to the login page!

First, make sure that you log in at "" NOT "" - if you log in using the url with the "www" included then the cookie will be incorrect and you will not be able to download the products.

Also, make sure your computer is accepting cookies. Also, clear your cache (aka Temporary Internet Files folder) and log back in to Makeiniteasy. Here's how to clear your cache:

For Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer -- Tools -- Internet Options -- General -- Delete -- Delete Files.

For Firefox:
Mozilla Firefox -- Tools -- Options -- Privacy -- Clear Now (under private data).

For more details on clearing your cache, click here.

Now for a more technical answer: Whenever a person signs up for Makeiniteasy, the software script that I use to run Makeiniteasy sets a cookie that matches the login session for the user. If that cookie cannot be set or is removed then the customer will be redirected back to the logon screen in order to start a new session. So if for some reason your computer did not accept the cookie (or if the cookie was deleted), then the session cannot be authenticated and you will have to login again.

If the above does not work, then your browser privacy settings may be refusing to accept cookies. So click on Tools -- Internet Options -- Privacy -- Advanced

Set the option for how your browser handles cookies to "Prompt" -- Next, you will need to restart Internet Explorer and login to Makeiniteasy. You will be prompted to allow the cookie or not. Be sure to check the box for "Always Allow".

If you try the solutions above and neither corrects the problem, then here's another possible solution:

If you are currently using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox to see if that solves the issue (and vice versa). There may be some type of browser compatibility issue.