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favicon Your Makeiniteasy PLR Tools Download Page:

This section is where you are going to find all of the tools and resources
you need to create a hot website.

If you've been worried about how you are going to sell your products,
This section is the answer to that question.

rarrow A Fill In The Blanks Sales Letter Complete With Instructions!
rarrow The Makeiniteasy Sales Letter Creator Software!
rarrow Full Training On How To Create A High Converting Sales Message!
rarrow An Easy System For Creating Your Own Website And Ecovers!

faviconYour Site Builder Tools

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This section is still in the making and we have several tools (many mentioned above) that we will be adding to this section.

You can expect that we are going to make creating a website as easy as possible for you.

The first thing you need to do is to go through the Quick Start manual which will give you a good start ...

arrow The Official Makeiniteasy 4 Step Action Plan pdf New!

As you know, there is an incredible wealth of information available to you in the Makeiniteasy membership area. I promised to make Makeiniteasy my secret stomping ground for sharing how to make real money on the Internet using PLR products just like I do and I've gone way over what even I expected.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of pages of advanced training in the Makeiniteasy membership area as well as templates, software and tools.

However, some of you have been a bit overwhelmed by all of this content as well as all of the resources and have asked for a simple way to get started.

I've heard your cries and created what I consider the easiest (and fastest) way to get a business online and pulling in traffic available today.

Don't let this 12 page report fool you. It's extremely detailed and packed with ONLY the steps you need to take to get up and running on the road to that coveted first sale quickly.

In fact, if you dedicated yourself for one day on the weekend, you could complete the entire product customization, sales letter and traffic generation method in just a day and be getting traffic the same day too!

You truly have to read the report to believe it, so download it, follow the steps and contact me using the support link at the top of this page with your results!

arrow The Official Makeiniteasy Sales Letter Creator Software pdf New!

The Official Makeiniteasy Sales letter Creator software is now live and available for download!


Note: This software will run on Win 2000, XP and Win 10 systems.

This software is a very real $200 value and will help you point and click your way to a smoking hot sales letter.

The REAL power in this sales letter creator is the fact that you ALSO have a 100+ page copywriting crash course that shows you specifically how to create sales letters for your Makeiniteasy products. On top of that you also get the Fast Action Ideas and Product Analysis documents for each and every product you get each month.

These tools combined together are by far, without question, the absolute best copywriting system on the planet.

For maximum benefit, I strongly recommend that you do the following...

rarrow Review the Fast Action Idea and Product Analysis document for the product you want to create a sales letter for.
rarrow Use the ideas you get in those documents while going through the intuitive Makeiniteasy Sales letter Creator interface.
rarrow Go over your copy with the copywriting manual for additional ideas, insights and to "punch up" your sales copy.

Just another benefit of being a Makeiniteasy member!

rarrow Makeiniteasy Fill In The Blanks Sales Letter and Thank You Page HTML Templates pdf

If you prefer to build your sales letter from a completed template in your own HTML editor instead of using the Sales Letter Creator software above, then this is the file that you need!

This template is completely setup for you. All you have to do is open it in your favorite HTML editor and you're off to the races.

It's even pre-filled with text that shows you how your text should look in the page. This text also includes instructions for what to write here and how to do it quickly.

This one tool alone will have you creating tons of hot sales letters for your products every month!

rarrow Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course pdf

Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course is the most detailed guide on creating a sales letter you've ever seen.

Best of all, the whole point of the course is to create a letter that's totally unique WITHOUT having to write your copy from scratch!

That's right, you learn how to use all of the existing resources that come included with your membership to create a unique sales letter!

rarrow Thank You Page Quick Setup Guide pdf

This short, yet detailed guide will carry you through the process of setting up your own thank you page in a way that serves your customers while you sleep.

You'll also learn how to reduce refunds and help your customers have more confidence in you and your products.

rarrow The Official Makeiniteasy Quick Start Manual pdf

The Official Makeiniteasy Quick Start Manual is a complete manual for going over every resource in the entire website.

Make sure that you go through this manual first as it will allow you to get the most out of your membership every month. Not to mention we discuss some pretty cool techniques for getting your business running smoothly.